We are so excited to announce our Dance & Tumbling Teams here at North Shore Dance Academy!

We hope that these teams will encourage teamwork, dedication, hard work, and enhancement of the member's love & passion for the sports while growing in a safe & fun environment.

Being a part of these teams will provide more learning & experience opportunities such as Master classes from professionals in the industries, extra training, as well as performance & competition opportunities in the local area.

Junior Performance Dance Team


- Intermediate level dancer

- 1.5-2 hrs/week of required Dance Team classes 

Elite Performance Dance Team


- Advanced level dancer

- 1.5-2 hrs/week of required Dance Team classes



- Advanced level tumblers

- 1-2 hrs/week of required Tumbling Team Classes

We do encourage members of the NSDA Teams to commit to both of our Fall & Winter sessions (September 2021-May 2022).

Students are allowed to be a part of both Dance & Tumbling teams.

Some additional practices/rehearsals other than the scheduled classes may be added throughout the session.
Additional costume & performance/competition fees will also be required. We will do our best to keep these costs at a minimum & may provide the opportunity for team members to fundraise for the additional costs associated with being a part of the NSDA teams.

Next Dance & Tumbling Team season starting this Fall!
Information on August try-outs will be posted soon!