We ask that all students & parents do their best to follow & keep our studio rules!

  • Please be very respectful of neighbors and CrossFit gym.

  • Kids are asked to not climb or play with the CrossFit equipment downstairs.

  • Stay in our designated grass parking spot area. 

  • Please drive in and out through the Ono Yo road or the road by the Beach Bus. Be Respectful of neighbors and kids, DRIVE VERY SLOW! (5mph or less) Carpool if you can! 

  • No running around the upstairs deck. 

  • When waiting in the car for the dancer to come out, please wait in the parking lot.  

  • All students are encouraged to bring a personal water bottle to class.

  • No food or gum will be allowed inside the studio.

  • We ask that no parents sit inside the studio to watch their child, this is to avoid distraction for all of the students. If the teacher closes the doors, the doors should remain closed for the class. (There will be opportunities during the session for parents to come in and watch at the end of class.)

  • Other kids outside of the studio must be watched by the parent at all times.