We appreciate everyone's consideration to make our studio and dance family as successful as it can be!

  • When signing up for one of our sessions, you are signing up for the entire session (January 10 - May 20), attendance is essential for the student’s growth.

  • Class Make-Up Policy: Make-up classes are not guaranteed because of the limited hours of operation.

  • Tuition Late Fee Policy: Invoices not paid after 5 days of the due date will be charged a $10 late fee.

  • Drop Policy:

    • A written request for a student to be dropped or discontinue with class is required 2 weeks prior to the end of the current month. 

    • ​A $30 drop fee will be charged to each student that drops after the halfway point of the session (March 31st 2022). This charge must be paid in order for the student to re-enroll in any future sessions.

    • If the tuition balance is not paid by the 1st of the month, student/students will automatically be dropped & charged a $30 drop fee that must be paid in order for the student to re-enroll in any future sessions.

  • The first class is free for any new student. If your dancer or tumbler decides to enroll in the class, that trial class will be included in the tuition for the month. (not applicable to our Summer session)

  • The first week of classes is used for placement if necessary. The teachers can analyze the students to decide whether they may be better suited for a different level or are able to be placed in the Advanced classes.

  • Students must wear appropriate attire for specific dance and tumbling classes. (find more details on our dress & grooming page)

  • Please be on time for all classes, so as not to disturb other students/teachers.

  • Students choosing to participate in the recital will be required to purchase each class costume.

  • All classes are offered to girls and boys.